We worked on various projects to unveil the creative potential of AI algorithms


Many years ago, I worked for my parents who own a video production company. Because it is a family business, you inevitably end up wearing many hats and being the czar of many different jobs. I mainly managed projects and worked as a video editor. On production, there were times that I was called on to work as an audio tech and was made to wear headphones on long production days. In those days, having a really good set of headphones that picked up every nuance of sound was essential to making sure the client got what they needed.

Parietal Burner #1

We collaborated with street artist RAWS to revisit Cave Art based on AI parietal drawings in collaboration with Lascaux.

A Bright Future

We created a unique artwork for one of our collectors, who is passionate about meteorology.

The Jam Capsule

We created a 360° immersive movie to introduce our story and the begining of AI art to the public.