We worked on various projects to unveil the creative potential of AI algorithms

Obvious x Lapierre

We partnered with the French high-end bicycle manufacturer to design a bike for the 2023 Tour de France.

Obvious x L’Opéra de Paris

We designed the art pieces for the inaugural NFT drop of the Opéra de Paris based on the 4 seasons

The Node – NFT Factory

We developed the token for NFT Factory, the community hub for NFTs in Paris.

Glass Sculpture @ Biot city

We crafted a glass sculpture in partnership with the city of Biot's glass artisan.

Obvious x Alpine

We collaborated with the french luxury car manufacturer to create a covering based on the history of the brand

Neural Burners

We created a video Street Art artwork based on 100 000 burners from everywhere in the world


We collaborated with Kamel Mennour Gallery for its enter in the NFT world with 3 classicals portraits

A Bright Future

We created a unique artwork for one of our collectors, who is passionate about meteorology.