The NFT Factory

The NFT Factory is a unique space to discover NFTs, network and build projects in the Web3, for entrepreneurs, artists, corporates. Investors and the public. The NFT Factory was created in March 2022 by a collective of 128 tech and crypto leaders, artists, investors and executives at companies including Allianz Accelerator, Arianee, Blackpool, LaCollection, Dogami, Ethereum France, Galeries Lafayette Group, Ledger, Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA), NFT Morning Podcast, RTFKT, The Sandbox and Sorare.

The Node

We are grateful to be part of this great community initiative bringing together the French web3 space, and we are honored to have been elected to design the tokens for its founders and members.

The concept of nodes has always been at the center of scientific explorations, from mathematics with the node theory to designating a key component of the blockchain. The Founder Node, symbol of the foundations of the NFT Factory, is a token of the link between the founders, united and entangled towards a common goal. It represents the central node of the french ecosystem chain, of which each founder and each project constitutes a new block.

The Founder Node

The community Node