An avant-garde lab nested in France’s oldest university

Obvious Research is an academic laboratory within Sorbonne University. Its purpose is threefold : 

Our Research Axies

Text to Video

Mind to Image

We Do

Open source

Our research is as fully open-source as possible.



We advance science by academic research and publications. We are not a corporate lab implementing already existing tools.



We envision our research as leading to more creative tools, rather than more productive tools.

We create art and invite artists to create with us. We host events, exhibitions and other programs to enhance the creativity of artists, whether they usually work on traditional media or AI.



Like the workshops of the Renaissance, we take commissions from patrons, brands & institutions. We work on specific projects where we try to spark a sense of wonder about the world and to restore faith in progress.  

We don't

Artificial General Intelligence

We are not seeking to build AGI, nor any form of superhuman intelligence. To us, AI is a tool that serves human needs.



Dystopian discourses have emerged as the prevailing future imaginaries. We aspire to challenge this logic and foster a new imaginative narrative that embraces an enthusiastic view of the future.

Technological progress at all cost

“Science without conscience is but ruin of the soul” said XVIth century author Rabelais. We live by this maxim.


AI = robots

AI does not necessarily need to be implemented in robots. We mainly build software tools.



We have succeeded in creating a Mind-to-Image algorithm.

Its goal is to translate brain signals into images thanks to fMRI.

We created a scientific paper about it.

We hope it will soon be published in major scientific conferences, but you can discover it on Arxiv.