Three NFTs by Obvious selected by one of the most emblematic galleries

Kamel Mennour Gallery selected three of our digital artworks to enter the NFT world. The three artworks will be presented during an auction that will start on the 22nd of April and will last for one week. The artworks will be available on Superrare on the account of the gallery. This is a first for this emblematic gallery, who chose to step into the NFT world, giving once more a validation to this type of art, which is believed to represent an increasing part in the future of the art market. This also represents our first collaboration with a major gallery, who also represents some of the most reknown artists such as Anish Kapoor, Daniel Buren, and Huang Yong Ping in the greatest art fairs and events around the world.

Portraying - Obvious' first digital series of AI portraits

This project is entitled Portraying, and has been specially conceived to be presented on the SuperRare digital platform. It is made of a series of three portraits, each embodying a connection between painting and an aspect identified by Obvious as a part of the “classical portrait” – perspective, pigment, photography. Obvious stands in opposition to those who see art created with artificial intelligence as a negation of art in its current forms; the collective seeks instead to mirror art, to create a reflection of it, always shifting.

Through these three works offered in the form of NFTs, we want to show the links between painting and technological development – between the history of representation and the most modern forms of creation . These works pay tribute to scientific discoveries that have that have enabled significant advances in artistic technique.


Acies Color

This artwork has been named after Louis John G. Rand and represents the pigment.

Pigment makes color possible. One might think that there is no pigment, no texture in digital works. And yet, we are looking for texture, the feeling of matter. Algorithms interpret and arrange colors in new ways, giving rise to new and unique associations.

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Perspettiva Albertiana

This artwork has been named after Leon Battista Alberti and represents perspective.

Perspective touches on the distorted reproduction of reality so that it is correctly reinterpreted by our brain. It invites us to take a step back, to interpret. It can be different for everyone and yet it follows strict mathematical rules. The algorithms that enabled the creation of these works are the embodiment of this duality, at once strictly individual and mathematical.

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Bellum Tempus

This artwork has been named after Louis Daguerre and represents the moment.

The moment is the last component of the classic portrait that we seek to reproduce, and that makes each work a representation of its time, both through its subject and through the way in which it was produced. Each work created is unique and cannot be reproduced, due to a random component in the algorithm that assigns a specific path to each creation.

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