Parietal Burner #1

63 x 53 cm

Printed on Sihl Masterclass Textured Matt Cotton
Limited to 50 prints
Numbered and signed by both artists
Delivered with a certificate of authenticity

An AI interpretation of Lascaux cave art

We used Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) which are algorithms capable of creating new and unique exemples from a large number of exemples. By working closely with Lascaux, we created new parietal art. These creations represent the widest gap possible between the most primitive form of art, and the latest technologies.

Walls as a means of expression

We then worked with the notorious street artist RAWS to train style transfer algorithms to learn from his style, and to apply it to the AI generated parietal figure. A reminder that the walls were used as a support since the beginning of time to convey a message, or leave a mark for future generations.

"After Selling an AI Portrait for More Than $430,000, the Obvious Collective Has a New Trick : Mashing Up Cave Art and Graffiti"