About the Exhibition.

At the occasion of the exhibition Faces of AGI organized together by the French Institute and the University of Timisoara, we created exhibition pieces displaying both sides of the creation of our series of African Masks. This new insight on our creation process aims at bringing the viewers to question AI inventiveness, and the role of human reinterpretation in the process of AI creation. The one month Exhibition displays 10 pieces which correspond to 10 of the African Masks we created.

In addition to these exclusive pieces, the exhibition features two pieces from our series Energy of the Earth, Amplified, a series created in collaboration with Stas Bartnikas, a Russian nature photographer.

During the exhibition launch, we participated in a presentation followed by a discussion with the French Institute, as well as students and artists, on the theme of the emerging Artificial Intelligence Art movement.

The exhibition was organized by the University Deen Camil Mihaescu, and supported by the French Institute.

Discover the exhibition through a video