About the Exhibition.

The House of Lobkowicz is a cultural organization that manages the Lobkowicz Collections, an art collection with items from more than 2000 years ago. It is one of Europe’s oldest and finest private collections, which includes paintings by Bruegel, Canaletto, and Velázquez. It also includes manuscripts by Beethoven and Mozart. The collection was created and grew over the last 600 years thanks to the Lobkowicz family, one of the oldest and most prominent Czech noble families in Central Europe.

The Collections were confiscated succesively by the Nazis and Communists regimes of the 20th century, as the family was forced to flee as refugees. In the early 1990s, the family returned and started the restitution process. They spent the last 30 years reassembling and restoring the artworks from the collection with the mission to study, preserve and share them with the world.

With the idea of both sharing the past and creating the future, the House of Lobkowicz decided to explore the intersection of the traditional art world and the rapidly evolving technology behind NFTs.

Their belief is that NFTs have the potential to broaden accessibility to cultural heritage. Non-Fungible Castle was built to provide a space for open and creative exchange to discover how NFTs and the cultural sector can enhance, engage, and challenge one another.

Our Collaboration : 

We created two NFTs at the occasion of this event. We based our work on pictures of ancient maps from the Novus Atlas Absolutissimus (1664). We trained Generative Adversarial Networks on these ancient maps in order to obtain an interpolation of new worlds, drawn by the algorithms.


The two artworks were presented in auction and each sold for 5ETH during the event. 


Half of the benefits have been given to the family foundation, to help them in their mission of restitution and to help them further share their collection with the world, and make art more accessible.