About the series

The 8 Immortals

This series of eight digital creations is the result of a conversation between tradition and technology. These artworks have been created using text to image algorithms. A descriptive script is written into the algorithms together with different parameters, and the algorithms are then asked to render a visual description of the text.

For the creation of these artworks, Obvious decided to work on a classical theme in Chinese mythology and art, aspiring to offer a new interpretation of the centuries old depiction of the eight immortals. Each of these panels is the representation of one of the eights, recognizable only by their attributes.

The story told in these artworks, in which only the attribute of each immortal is represented, aspires to trigger a reflection around the relationship between the artist and his tool. With AI algorithms being developed for artistic creation, the question of the place of the tool in artistic creation is ever important. This new type of tool gives the one who can master it the power to create. It also takes an increasingly large part in the creation process. In this sense, will artists one day be represented by their tools, like the immortals by their attributes ?

About the Exhibition

As early as 1500 years ago, scholars in the Southern dynasties painted the landscapes of all parts of the country on the walls of their living space, in order to view and feel the soothing nature whenever and wherever, appreciating the Taoism and philosophy given by Mother Earth in the paintings.

Moving to 300 years ago, the artisans of the Ming and Qing palaces brought the craftsmanship of gilt-decorated black lacquer to the zenith of its development. They skilfully infused landscapes, flowers and birds, legendary stories or various decorations into daily utensils and uses, which were subtle and exquisite.

In exhibition Voyage de Savoir-Faire, contemporary artists and artisans join hands to present the gilt-decorated black lacquer in a modern perspective, which infuses the tradition with creativity, conserving and also rejuvenating the unique and exquisite fast-disappearing Chinese craftsmanship.