Nike by You Workshop

The Nike by You Workshop gathers 21 artists selected by Nike to each customize a pair of sneakers. The idea is to put forward local talents, and to help them tell their story through the creation of a limited edition model, made available for 10 days on the website. The parisian edition of the workshop invites artists to talk about the future of Paris, and their vision of how the city, its design and its trends, will have evolved in the decades to come.

AI Inspired

As artists working with algorithms to create, we wanted to showcase the capabilities of our tools in such an exercise. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are able to generate new and unique images from a large number of exemples. We advocate that in the future Paris, those types of algorithms will be used by creatives to come up with new ideas of design and colors. All the existing models which can be spotted on parisians are a perfect basis for the algorithms to understand the fashion and trends in a given city, and they are able to create the perfect match for the expectations of fashion lovers.


Latent Space

AI Generated Model

Final Piece

Creating with AI algorithms

In order to create this exclusive model of sneakers, we gathered pictures of Nike Air Max 1, Air Max 90 and Air Max 97. We then trained Generative Adversarial Networks to create using those pictures. We obtained a large number of new colors, and we selected the one we found most representative of the results, which also had to fit with the constraints of the workshop (the colors had to be available). We then reproduced the AI generated model, and produced it together with the Nike by you workshop team.

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The first AI designed sneakers

The result of our experiment: an original Nike sneakers, designed by artificial intelligence. The colors have been invented and arranged by the algorithms, after analyzing the existing models. More than a mere mix, it is the interpretation of an artificial intelligence and its participation to years of work performed by designers at Nike. We signed the pair with a glimpse of the mathematical formula which defines the relationship which makes the algorithms work.