About the Exhibition.

We hold an exhibition for our NFT series of Dream Capsules in June 2022. This series is composed of 1000 dreams and nightmares created using a combination of artificial intelligence algorithms. The artworks are created from stories of dreams and nightmares created using text generation algorithms. Then, text-to-image algorithms are used to depict this story as a visual. The series questions the boundaries of the creativity of algorithms, by experimenting with a new level of self creation, on one of the deepest and poorly understood subjects known to humankind.

All the 1000 artworks of the collection were displayed at this exhibition. We created two distinct spaces, one for dreams and another one for nightmares. The exhibition was held at Ellia Gallery, rue de Turenne in Paris. We had the chance to have many visitors over the time of the exhibition: collectors, friends, passers-by and organized group visits.



The exhibition was meant as part of a reward system for the collectors of the artworks.. During the month preceding the exhibition, collectors could complete quests, leading to additional rewards. The idea behind this system is to combine the codes of traditional art (with a physical exhibition in a gallery) with the codes of the web3 community, early involvement and time dedicated to the project leading to additional rewards.