About the exhibition

From July 5th until July 10th, the luxury mall situated at the center of Paris organized an event focusing on the French Touch. Five days of music, film projections, and NFT exhibitions. We curated the exhibitions, and displayed the creations of some of the most cutting edge artists on the AI art scene.

The exhibition included artists like Gene Kogan, Claire Silver, Pindar Van Arman, Xander Steenbrugge, Vadim Epstein, Artemis, Devi Parikh, Nicolay Jetchev, Heavens Last Angel, and Obvious.

An ode to AI Art

The artists selected for this exhibition all had a specific approach to AI art. As a result, the exhibition displayed the variety of creations and underlying messages present in the AI art scene. Huge thanks to Braindrops who gathered these artists before us, and to the artists themselves, who we really admire, both for their creations and for allowing us to use their work to present AI art the French crowd.