You could find us at Vivatech 2022, the main tech event held in Paris, from June 15th until June 18th. We actively participated as collaborators to the event, exhibitors and speakers. We exhibited the art car we created for Alpine on the Artpoint booth. We appreciated the chance to show this car in a more arty environment, as it was surrounded by the artworks of NFT artists displayed on screens.

We also got the chance to talk during different happenings: on the discovery stage to present the collaboration with Alpine. On the main stage to present our analysis as artists on the development of NFTs and the implications for the art market. On Stage 3 to present our artistic work and to introduce newcomers to the emerging market powered by web3.

We also collaborated with Vivatech and POAP to create the virtual tickets for the event. We created the design of the public passes, the VIP passes and the trophees for the price winners. Any attendant could collect a NFT version of his pass, designed by Obvious.