Our first piece exhibited in a data centered exhibition in the Museum of Civilization.

Obvious’ very first work Le Comte de Belamy participates in the exhibition « La tête dans le nuage »: la révolution en marche. The exhibition features 130 pieces displayed in the Museum of Civilization in Quebec, the city being one of the main hubs of artificial intelligence research and development.

The exhibition, running from the 1st of December 2019 until the 21st of January 2021 addresses the question of data related innovation, in a world where every interaction is registered and stored. The idea is to educate on the actions of the corporations and governments in terms of data collection and usage, and to display the power of the algorithms used to manage this data.

“As a museal institution dedicated to the human being and the evolution of society, it seemed imperative for the Museum of Civilization to explore the digital revolution and to highlight its impact on our individual, interpersonal and collective behaviour. Questioning the present to project oneself in the future takes all its sense in this context. I wish for our visitors to take a moment to think, in order for their future behaviours to be more relevant and useful.”

Other artists who participated in the exhibition include Grégory Chatonsky, Denis Farley, Laurie Frick, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Krzysztof Wodiczk, Bill Vorn, Dima Yarovinsky.