AI Artworks to participate in cultural exchanges around art and technology

Obvious’ works were exhibited during the Artificial Intelligence and Intercultural Dialogue at King Fahad Cultural Center in Riyad. The artworks were exhibited along with others from artists working at the intersection of art, technology and science, and sided with an exhibition on Kandinskiy’s work. 

Five of Obvious’ artworks were presented in this exhibition. Le Duc de Belamy and l’Archevêque de Belamy, part of the collection of classical portraits created using Artificial Intelligence, La famille Belamy. This first collection talks about the genesis of artificial intelligence. In addition to these two pieces, Obvious presented some of the artworks of their second collection of Japanese prints: Electric Dreams of Ukiyo. Saki of the Dormant lake, The Dormant lake and The Lonely Mountain are pieces of Obvious’ second series of artwork, which addresses the reactions to the development of AI in our society, by making a parallel with the arrival of electricity in the Japanese society.

The exhibition featured leading artists from ten countries, who have the common feature of embracing the use of AI, including Konstantin Novoselov, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics, who presented his work Time. The exhibition was also the occasion of a social dialogue between diverse cultures, with the creation of a joint work by the Saudi artist Nasser Al Shemimri and the Russian artist Alexandra Sukhareva.