Artworks from three of our series presented for “The Book of Sand” in Shanghai

This exhibition revolving around AI art and the subject of authorship in new creation media is held from October 30, 2021 until April 11, 2022. In this exhibition, we present two of our classical series (classical protraits with “La Famille Belamy” and african masks with “Facets of AGI”. We also reveal some artworks from our series Trials and Errors, which talks about justice, and the implication of AI algorithms in trials decisions.

Obvious’ work from La Famille Belamy, Facets of AGI and Trials and Errors are presented in this exhibition dedicated to the question of the authorship. All of these artworks have been created using Generative Adversarial Networks. This new type of creation is at the core of many questions regarding authorship, and many of our works have been used by researchers to dive into this question. Matter of factly, they provide a perfect exemple of artworks created by a collaboration between a human process and an algorithmic process, based on existing images.

We are thrilled to present our work to the Chinese population, as we believe AI is a global concern and as such it should benefit from a global interest.