A presentation in front of the leading minds of the advertising industries.


The ADC was founded in New York in 1920 as an association of leading art directors of the advertising industry. The ADC festival gathers the most important art directors of the advertising industry around the celebration of creativity. The event is composed of a creative competition where awards are attributed to the most creative works, and where speakers perform on stage to share new ideas and incentives around creativity. The idea of this event is to bring people together around ideas, and to give those a religious dimension, in the sense that they are judged by the people who are worshipped in the communication and creativity sphere.

In this context, we made a talk about our story and our activity. Being in contact with innovative minds of the creative industry was quite inspiring. Moreover, speaking at ADC festival very interesting experience, as it was very different from our many experiences in tech oriented events. Doing this presentation for the creative industries was very different and the post talk discussion topics were very inspiring.