AI & Art

Obvious Art

“Computers are useless. They can only give answers.” Well Picasso (1881 - 1973), it’s a disagreement

Edmond de Belamy - Obvious

Edmond de Belamy

Christies - Obvious

Madame de Belamy

Le Comte de Belamy - Obvious

Le Comte de Belamy

La Comtesse de Belamy - Obvious

La Comtesse de Belamy

Le Baron de Belamy - Obvious

Le Baron de Belamy

La Baronne de Belamy - Obvious

La Baronne de Belamy

creation process

Data selection

We carefully select a large number of input images with common visual features. The goal is to create a new sample that shares these features.

Image creation

We use GANs: two algorithms compete. The "generator" creates new images by trying to fool the "discriminator" into thinking generated images are real.


The resolution of the generated image is enhanced using upscaling algorithms that infers a high definition version of the image.


The image is printed on canvas with inkjet, framed and signed with the math formula showing the relation between generator and discriminator.


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